ABC COVID-19 Webinar Series

Our current webinar discussion is on the scientific, clinical, therapeutic, and psychosocial facets of COVID-19 and racial/ethnicity.  Our previous webinar discussion is of the epidemiology, clinical, prevention and social aspects of COVID-19 infection in diverse populations.

In grateful appreciation of your support of the ABC mission, we encourage you to:

  • Share the webinar recordings for Corona-Talks: On The Front Lines of Your Health, Pulling At The Heart: Faces of COVID-19 Survival and Ongoing Disparities in Diverse Populations and At the Heart of the Matter: Unmasking the Invisibility of COVID-19 in Diverse Populations with your colleagues and friends.
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  • Donate to ABC We welcome your gift to further our education, advocacy, and community outreach initiatives! As COVID-19 spreads, patients with cardiovascular disease are more vulnerable than ever. The ABC appreciates your support during this extraordinary crisis.
  • Stay Up-to-Date on COVID-19 and minimize contact with others by practicing social distancing. ABC stands closely with you in support of your safety, well-being and health.