Prior Authorization Resource Kits

The Prior Authorization Work Group for the ABC Access to Care initiative has developed resources to help cardiology practices better respond to the administrative needs of the current prior authorization process and improve patient access to appropriate, evidence-based therapies.

These Resource Kits have been uniquely designed for cardiology practices working with underserved minority patients. The Resource Kits have also been constructed to serve physicians, nurses, and other staff members that interact with PA. Some key highlights include:

  1. Prior authorization data applicable across multiple areas in CVD where access is a concern for minority patients, specifically for the:
    1. PCSK9 inhibitors
    2. DOACs
    3. ARNI therapy
  2. Exclusive highlights from recent ABC/ACC survey of cardiologists
  3. Proprietary rejection rate data and perspectives from PBMs
  4. Customized best practices based on data collection from ABC Work Group members

Please click here to download the Resource Kits, or click here to learn more about the ABC Access to Care Initiative.

Watch the Resource Kit webinar to learn how to utilize the Resource Kits to reduce prior authorization administrative burden and get specific tips for a variety of areas in CVD where access is a concern: